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Stephanie Robin and Cara Dawn came together in 2015 to create an organization focused on the needs of newborn photographers. Having been active members of other prominent organizations, they understood the need for tailored content and set out to create a welcoming and diverse space.

With their backgrounds in physiotherapy and teaching respectively, Stephanie and Cara put their heads together to create programming focused on the development of safe handling techniques and the acquisition of base technical skills for every photographer. APNPI now offers a safety course, qualified newborn photographer certification, accreditation programming and designations along with twice yearly image competitions.

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APNPI Academy

Within the first few years of development, the APNPI team recognized the need for further varied educational resource development and the APNPI Academy was born!

Our Academy offers two streams of programming including the Masterclass series featuring advanced, detailed, in-depth video content and our Thrive Mini Series including fun, bite-sized and actionable break-out classes with follow up homework content in our Facebook Group.

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APNPI Academy of Newborn Photography

Inspired Masterclass Collection 

A chance to think outside the box, test your limits and dig deeper. These classes excite and nourish the creative spirit.  Approx hour long episodes.

Two Amazing Collections

Plus Monthly Bonuses!

Thrive Series Collection  

A cohesive and consecutive series to guide and empower learners. These videos come complete with actionable challenges to focus, excite, and inspire tangible growth. Approx 4 to 6 short episodes.

APNPI Academy of Newborn Photography Courses

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide excellence through the provision of developmental programming, opportunity for recognition and quality educational resources to foster growth and skill in the newborn photography community world-wide.

APNPI endeavours to provide a safe and diverse community for all photographers.


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