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Here at APNPI our motto is to learn better so that we can do and be better.

Apnpi offers two streams for membership including our APNPI Organization Membership and APNPI Academy Membership. You can choose the stream that suits you best or participate in both for additional savings!

Membership in the organization affords you opportunities to credential yourself and achieve accolades in our accreditation, designation and image competition programming. It's also the place you can access our top notch Newborn Safety Course to ensure you are educated in all things newborn safety.

The APNPI Academy is your place to expand your craft through inspiring and hands-on actionable education.  with a carefully curated selection of courses offered by industry leading educators, we provide you with the resources you need to take your business to the next level.

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Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International (APNPI) is the world’s premiere Newborn Photography Organization dedicated to the exclusive needs of this genre of photographers! We offer opportunity for development, credentialing and recognition through certifications, accreditations, designations and image competitions.

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"As a newborn photographer and teacher, I take so much pride and importance to the work I do and I want clients to have more respect and appreciation towards our industry and that can only be done if we work together by bringing up the standards-in all levels."

Diana P
newborn photographer

"I found [this course] to be helpful and informative. And directions were very clear.""

newborn photographer

"I really enjoy the mini series and the information! I love the explanation with the doll and with real babies. I would love watch more!"

Lily N.
newborn photographer

"These series were great! Tamarind explains her poses, lightning and details to consider thoroughly. I love that she takes the time to explain each pose with the doll and then does a demonstration with a real baby. You really learn what takes an image from ok to stunning! Thank you! "

Marcela L.
newborn photographer

"I love the pace. Not too long and drawn out, yet time for attention to the details. I especially appreciate seeing the bean placement on top of the blankets! I don't think I've seen a tutorial do that, it it is VERY helpful! I also appreciate the real babe posing being done in fast motion. (Yes I get impatient watching photographers shush and pacify babes FOREVER!). Bravo well done, Tamarind! *applause* "

Gina R.
newborn photographer

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