Day 10 - Thrive Series: Elevate Your Lighting!


Day 10 of 12 Days - This course is the game changer you need to take your photography to the next level!
In this course, Autumn Skoczen till teach you all about:
  the basic rules and laws of studio lighting - in a way that's quick and easy to learn and apply to your workflow.
1, 2, and 3 lighting setups - and why they're so impactful to your photography.
all about Modifiers Basic
advanced lighting patterns
How shadows and highlights affect the emotions of your images 
And so much more
This series is broken down into segments so everything is easy to follow along with. Complete with step by step instructions so you can feel confident.
See more of Autumn's work at:
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That's it, easy peasy!  :) 
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Day 5 - All About Light! Creating a Varied Gallery Using Light


Day 5 - Join the most lovely Tianna Jarrett-Williams in this 5 part Series: All About Light! Creating a Varied Gallery Using Light
This 5 part series will cover 5 different techniques you can use with your lighting to create variety with your maternity images. Furthermore, take part in the Challenges Tianna gives for each part, and get feedback on your results!
You are going to love her course!
Tianna is recently the recipient of both 1st and 2nd place in the Maternity category in the APNPI Image Competition.  She has also served as a judge on the APNPI Accreditation and Competition panels, is an educator for the APNPI Academy, is an APNPI Ambassador, as well as a Brand Ambassador for Nikon UK.  
See more of Tianna's work at:

Winner: Lana Tanaka Perhacs

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