marketing Jun 09, 2021

Feature Course - Babies First Year Marketing Program with Robert Provencher

“I was struggling with marketing largely because I was so unsure of myself… Rob's course turned all this around!”

“When I first started out with my photography business, I was shooting pets and weddings… Newborn photography was just on the horizon and hadn’t caught my attention yet.  One of the first things I did was to attend a photographer’s convention in Toronto, and there I came across Rob Provencher’s workshop.  His teaching resonated with me, and I became a dedicated student, attending several of his in person workshops across the country! 

When I lived in Calgary, and Rob came to town, I signed up and put his teaching to work with my engagement sessions.  When I moved back to Ontario, I took his 2 day workshop which was geared to running a wedding business, and I applied that to my Newborn Photography business.  And when I first saw him teaching the Babies First Year Marketing Program, I signed up and implemented it right away.  

At the time, I struggled with marketing, not just because I was new at it, but because I was unsure of myself, my product, and my offers.  I didn’t know what people would want, and what they’d be willing to pay, and whether or not my work was good enough to qualify. 

I just had so many unanswered questions that sometimes I just felt frozen and unable to move forward. 

Thankfully, with Rob’s course, I was able to follow some well proven models and plans, to create my offerings, get my prices in place (and believe in them!), and get out and connect with my community.  It wasn’t long before I was filling my schedule and I was thrilled with the feedback from my clients.  

From my own experience, I can’t say enough for what you’ll learn in this course.  Rob is very easy to learn from, very personable and helpful too.  If you're looking for a way to  motivate clients not only to return to you for their next session, but also to recommend you to their friends, then you won’t want to miss this course!"  - Cara B.  

This truly is perhaps THE most effective marketing program for your Newborn Photography business!



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