Learn, Grow, and Thrive

APNPI provides you with one place to go for all of your needs as a newborn photographer -- certifications, training, inspiration, and community!

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Training, inspiration, and community...

APNPI Memberships are made for newborn photographers, by newborn photographers.

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This is for you if...

You want to see an immediate improvement in your work

You want to save time and money

You want to share your passion of newborn photography

You'd like access to industry leaders time and knowledge

You're looking for a community of supportive photographers

You're interested in life-long learning, growth and development


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Meet Our Academy Instructors

We have over 20 instructors excited to teach you! Meet some of them below...


Want to learn, grow and thrive?

APNPI Memberships provide you with the resources, knowledge, and inspiration you need to to excel in your career as a newborn photographer. Take your business from good, to great and beyond!

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Access to 12+ masterclasses

Unique, inspiring and invigorating. A chance to think outside of the box and dig deeper, these classes excite and nourish the creative spirit. (Approx hour long episodes).

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Access to 12+ mini courses 

Fun, bite sized and actionable. Each series is cohesive and consecutive to guide and empower students, complete with challenges that serve to focus, excite, and empower tangible growth. (Series comprise of 4 to 6 short episodes).

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Access to our private Facebook group  

You belong in a community of like-minded newborn photographers. Join us to share ideas, get support, and grow together!

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Plus Bonuses...

  • Bonus Content for Organization and Academy members added several times yearly
  • Sneak Peek Academy content offerings for APNPI Organization members
  • Complimentary Image Competition Entries for APNPI Academy members
  • Exclusive discounts for Organization + Academy members

APNPI Academy Membership COMING SOON!

The APNPI Academy will be opening soon.

Register below to get a sneak peak free course AND get notified when we open our doors to receive a special launch discount!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A Note From The Creators

Hi there! We're Stephanie and Cara and we're interested in your journey as a newborn photographer. We endeavor to offer you the help and support you need to become the best version of yourself and to build a skilled and sustainable business.

Are you struggling with your posing, lighting or editing skills? Do you feel disconnected from your peers or lonely in your passion? We're here to help!

We offer two types of membership to help you to achieve excellence in your career as a photographer.

Our APNPI Organization offers you credentials, accrediations and designations along with two yearly image competitions where you can let your light shine and achieve industry revered accolades.

Addionally, our APNPI Academy programming offers you access to a curated selection of impressive teachers.

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